Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of reason

It is not you, but I,
Where the imperfections find shelter.
It is not you, but I,
Who still searches for himself.

If I am awake now,
I know that you are still looking.
If I am in sense tomorrow,
It must be you who inspires.

In all the melodies,
There is your music.
In all the harshness,
There is your touch.

It is before you,
Where my reasons end.
It is beneath you,
Where I lie tonight.

You reside in absolute,
Everything else is relative.
I changed frames,
But I did not miss you.

Only in parabolas, 
May be I went,
But you stayed always at the focus.

The flowers bloomed,
Only at your whisper,
The water flowed,
Only to please you.

And I live,
Only to reach you.
If I die,
It will be to reach you.

I know it tonight,
What magic you weave,
I end my reason here,
My doubts have burst,
To a joy unbound.

You exist beyond my ideas,
You persist beyond my beliefs,
Only I chose to recognise,
When time froze.

In the abundance that lies before me,
I can see you in harmony,
I can perceive you today,
To my own dismay.

I can only sense a pleasure,
A tickle somewhere within,
That you are here,
An inexplicable affair!

I pray that you set me free,
From all that binds me,
I wish to follow you,
For the one last time.

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