Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old lanes

The narrow lanes led to nowhere,
The old bricks were falling apart,
The flowers looked dull and dusty,
The kids were making noise.

There was an ice cream vendor,
The rusted iron gate led to the playground,
The women looked out of their balconies,
The men were coming back from work.

The tank water overflowed ,
Ran down the hoses to the streets,
The street lights started to glow,
The dogs were barking.

The radio was loud,
The college girl was studying,
There were a few guys,
smoking at the corner of the street.

The boys were done with cricket,
The shops started selling snacks,
The sky was cloudy,
A gust of wind blew away the clothes
on the terrace.

People looked up the sky in relief,
some looked up in anticipation,
some looked up in dismay,
The rain had set in.

The water logged in puddles,
Washed away the gloom,
Tin rooves made a clattering sound,
Some were caught up,
Some went about their work.

The evening was cooler,
The lights went out,
Everything seemed darker,
The sunny day seemed history.

The cars splashed water,
The lanes were muddy,
Old folks were having tea,
Young people were dreaming.

I was tired of looking out,
I went inside.

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