Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of reason

It is not you, but I,
Where the imperfections find shelter.
It is not you, but I,
Who still searches for himself.

If I am awake now,
I know that you are still looking.
If I am in sense tomorrow,
It must be you who inspires.

In all the melodies,
There is your music.
In all the harshness,
There is your touch.

It is before you,
Where my reasons end.
It is beneath you,
Where I lie tonight.

You reside in absolute,
Everything else is relative.
I changed frames,
But I did not miss you.

Only in parabolas, 
May be I went,
But you stayed always at the focus.

The flowers bloomed,
Only at your whisper,
The water flowed,
Only to please you.

And I live,
Only to reach you.
If I die,
It will be to reach you.

I know it tonight,
What magic you weave,
I end my reason here,
My doubts have burst,
To a joy unbound.

You exist beyond my ideas,
You persist beyond my beliefs,
Only I chose to recognise,
When time froze.

In the abundance that lies before me,
I can see you in harmony,
I can perceive you today,
To my own dismay.

I can only sense a pleasure,
A tickle somewhere within,
That you are here,
An inexplicable affair!

I pray that you set me free,
From all that binds me,
I wish to follow you,
For the one last time.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


A storm had set in,
The dust blinded my sight,
It was very confusing,
If it were not for your eyes.

I had a lot of questions,
It is a folly to ask,
I was looking for answers,
What a blunder it was.

When I looked into your eyes,
Everything disappeared.
The storm was gone,
The moon light shone.

I did not question my feeling,
And just sunk in the belief.
I still do not seek a solution,
How can an illusion be a relief!

For a while, I read,
It was unclear.
I walked, it remained blur.
It was only your smell,
Which seemed promising.

Not facts, nor figures,
Not notions, not conventions,
There was a divine intervention,
And the doubts resurfaced.

The curtain was pulled away,
The clouds thinned,
I could see again in the light of the world,
The darkness that lay within.

I took shelter under the canopy of reason,
There was no warmth,
I sat down with the wise,
But it remained only a futile exercise.

It was only in faith,
That I found repose.
It was only in devotion,
There was respite.

How beautiful is illusion,
Only a religious man can know.
Where reason ends,
May, My lord, I start.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long roads, short journeys

I was running fast,
They were catching up.
I was trying hard,
They were running faster.

The road was tough,
I fell down,
They went past,
It felt good to sit down.

I rested for days,
I slept my nights.
And they were running back past me,
I was sick.

I recovered soon,
They had left.
My dreams broke,
To a lot of pleasure.

My wishes were fulfilled,
My senses soothed.
My heart frozen,
My mind parched.

I plunged into the water,
It did not remove the stain.
I did so every day,
It made me insane.

I burnt my shadow,
I sold it off.
I saw them running again,
I had a laugh.

I went to the narrow street,
Had my cup of tea.
I did what keep things going,
I waited for none.

Then again, I sat back,
Just felt good,
Felt so good,
Wished I died right then.

What killed me

She did not say a lot,
I just listened to her silence.
She sat beside me,
I had my breakfast.

I liked her eyes,
I liked her specs.
She was not looking,
I was not looking.

We went out to Migros,
She did not have anything.
I felt like not eating,
I looked at her.

We were walking together,
They were all behind us.
She asked something,
I do not know what I said.

I asked her something,
I know she said a lot.
She knew what I asked,
I knew what she said.

I felt like holding her hand,
Everything seemed nice.
It was a sunny day,
She was looking bright.

We knew the clock was ticking away,
We were still looking away.
They were saying something,
She was talking to me.

I do not know why it killed me,
But I know that it killed me.
We went upstairs,
There were things yet to be done.

She looked at me,
I smiled back.
She wanted to say something,
I liked the silence.

She was leaving early,
I saw her going.
She stopped by,
It killed me.

There was something,
That cannot be explained.
There were those things,
That you do not explain.

Her voice remained like a sweet fragrance,
Her eyes reminded me of things, I have lost.
Her hair left behind a lot of questions,
She went away.

I was in the streets again;
I killed her in my mind.
She came back again,
But killed me this time.

Meine Damen Und Heren

The wrong things looked right,
The strong things looked bright.
I was in distress.

The wrong people I loved,
The long roads I walked,
I was in a mess.

The burden I carried,
The help I refused,
I was thinking of something else.

The winds blew,
The water was still,
I was missing the essence.

The facts remained,
The logic connected,
I was still confused.

The truth uncovered,
All lies lay bare,
I was no longer enthused.

Just a speck of dust,
May be sand, fell on my right eye,
I realised.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


She was looking at me,
I lighted my cigarette.
She lighted one herself,
I looked away.

She had nice hair,
I looked back,
My cigarette was burning ash,
My head was aching.

She puffed away,
Moved her hand over her hair.
I looked at the reflections on the water,
Everything seemed gloomy.

I saw her image on the water,
It told me everything,
I did not want to know.
I took a puff again.

Her eyes had those colors,
That makes me blind.
But the smoke numbed my senses,
I enjoyed the disaffection.

I looked at her again,
She looked away.
I saw the smoke,
It blurred the background.

I could only see her now,
I breathed again,
The sky was hazy,
The moon was trying to hide behind the clouds.

She looked back at me,
I smoked the last puff.
I saw her reflections going away,
The water, disturbed.

I saw through the smoke,
I looked beyond her,
The backdrop was clear,
She was fading.

My thoughts faded away,
I lighted another cigarette.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Old lanes

The narrow lanes led to nowhere,
The old bricks were falling apart,
The flowers looked dull and dusty,
The kids were making noise.

There was an ice cream vendor,
The rusted iron gate led to the playground,
The women looked out of their balconies,
The men were coming back from work.

The tank water overflowed ,
Ran down the hoses to the streets,
The street lights started to glow,
The dogs were barking.

The radio was loud,
The college girl was studying,
There were a few guys,
smoking at the corner of the street.

The boys were done with cricket,
The shops started selling snacks,
The sky was cloudy,
A gust of wind blew away the clothes
on the terrace.

People looked up the sky in relief,
some looked up in anticipation,
some looked up in dismay,
The rain had set in.

The water logged in puddles,
Washed away the gloom,
Tin rooves made a clattering sound,
Some were caught up,
Some went about their work.

The evening was cooler,
The lights went out,
Everything seemed darker,
The sunny day seemed history.

The cars splashed water,
The lanes were muddy,
Old folks were having tea,
Young people were dreaming.

I was tired of looking out,
I went inside.