Sunday, May 29, 2011


A storm had set in,
The dust blinded my sight,
It was very confusing,
If it were not for your eyes.

I had a lot of questions,
It is a folly to ask,
I was looking for answers,
What a blunder it was.

When I looked into your eyes,
Everything disappeared.
The storm was gone,
The moon light shone.

I did not question my feeling,
And just sunk in the belief.
I still do not seek a solution,
How can an illusion be a relief!

For a while, I read,
It was unclear.
I walked, it remained blur.
It was only your smell,
Which seemed promising.

Not facts, nor figures,
Not notions, not conventions,
There was a divine intervention,
And the doubts resurfaced.

The curtain was pulled away,
The clouds thinned,
I could see again in the light of the world,
The darkness that lay within.

I took shelter under the canopy of reason,
There was no warmth,
I sat down with the wise,
But it remained only a futile exercise.

It was only in faith,
That I found repose.
It was only in devotion,
There was respite.

How beautiful is illusion,
Only a religious man can know.
Where reason ends,
May, My lord, I start.