Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Restless Days Sleepless Nights: Kharagpur.

Brief note:

IIT Kharagpur is a land of dreams and nightmares. I landed up there with dreams, got nightmares as I lived. But, the uninitiated that I was, may be, I needed it, badly. All of us have experiences in our lives, we live in our own worlds. But why Prad and I decided to pen down our experiences, is not just because we are completely jobless or that we love Chetan Bhagat. We started off very ambitious, indeed. But, our Bengali intellect caught up with us in no time and the simple pleasures of life, which we were deprived of, made us even more disoriented or apathetic to doing something useful in life. The only way, I feel, even Prad would agree, we feel we can contribute to this great race of humanity is by recounting our mistakes in this life. But the best thing as I live today, is that some of my nightmares have given shapes to some of my dreams, and some of my fears have actually come true. On a serious note, I would give the credit to a lot of people ideally. But being terse and cynical, I would also throw some on Kgp, as we so lovingly call Kharagpur.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The clock stopped ticking

People come, people go.
Times flow.

People love, people hate,
There is a fate.

People eat, people drink,
Reasons sink.

People work, people party,
No such thing as dirty!

People live, people die,
There is never a tie.

People win, people lose,
It's space-time abuse!

People dress, people undress,
Not all, face to face!

People lie, people do not,
In any case, time freezes not.

People laugh, people cry.
Does God even try?

People believe, people reason,
Does He even listen?

People read, people write,
Is every morning, the sun only as bright?

People come, people go,
Times flow.

Oh! Calcutta

Oh! When I fight, you yawn,
When I fly, you lie down.

When I rise, you wander.
When I argue, you ponder.

When I crib, you rejoice,
When I struggle, you remain in poise.

Oh! When I fall, you seem to float,
When I soar, you don't gloat.

Your silence kills me,
Your serenity baffles me.

Is it wisdom, or is it just a coincidence,
Is it willful abstinence,
Is it carefree avoidance?

There is such a mist,
There is such a small twist.

Come my love,
Tell me what it is.
Give me reason.

How can such asymmetry exist?
How can such chaos be?
How long can I hold on to disbelief?

The more I see, it makes no sense.
The less I think, the more it feels good.

Take me on a ride,
And prove me wrong.
Give your ideas to me,
Sing me a new song.

The streets smell of mirth,
The lanes reek of old earth.
Oh! I feel so lost!
So numb out of no frost.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

I'm Stud Lee

I am stud lee,
Talk godly,
Drink largely.

I love Marley,
Eat barley with aloo kabli,

I'm friendly,
U r lovely,
Let's run, you charlie.

Live calmly,
Roam dumbly,
Not for me luckily.

Ride smoothly,
Move highly,
I'm Studly.

Think slightly,
Do Brett Lee,
Sleep portly.

Dress manly,
Drive madly,
Smoke minutely.

I live do-not-matter-ly,
Enjoy utterly,
Avoid butterly.

No more bullshit, end abruptly.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Is it ?

It is not the running waters,
It is not the clear sky,
It is not even the cold air,
It is me.

It is not your wet hair,
It is not even your nose ring,
It is not your smile,
It is me.

It is not the monsoons,
It is not the storm,
It is not the lightning,
It is me.

It is not even the lights,
It is not the moonlight,
It is not even the dark,
It is me.

It is not the flowers,
It is not what Schopenhauer said,
It is not what anybody would,
It is me.

It is not how much it took me,
It is not whether I had gone,
It is not why anybody would,
It is me.

It is not the train journey,
It is not where I was going,
It is not if there was a reason,
It is me.

It is not about happine
Hardly it is,
It is not about anything else I can think of,
It is me.

It is not deep,
It is not shallow,
It is not within or without,
It is me.

It is not about lies,
It is not about truth,
It is not even about sanity,
Is it even fucking me?