Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Restless Days Sleepless Nights: Kharagpur.

Brief note:

IIT Kharagpur is a land of dreams and nightmares. I landed up there with dreams, got nightmares as I lived. But, the uninitiated that I was, may be, I needed it, badly. All of us have experiences in our lives, we live in our own worlds. But why Prad and I decided to pen down our experiences, is not just because we are completely jobless or that we love Chetan Bhagat. We started off very ambitious, indeed. But, our Bengali intellect caught up with us in no time and the simple pleasures of life, which we were deprived of, made us even more disoriented or apathetic to doing something useful in life. The only way, I feel, even Prad would agree, we feel we can contribute to this great race of humanity is by recounting our mistakes in this life. But the best thing as I live today, is that some of my nightmares have given shapes to some of my dreams, and some of my fears have actually come true. On a serious note, I would give the credit to a lot of people ideally. But being terse and cynical, I would also throw some on Kgp, as we so lovingly call Kharagpur.

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