Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh! Calcutta

Oh! When I fight, you yawn,
When I fly, you lie down.

When I rise, you wander.
When I argue, you ponder.

When I crib, you rejoice,
When I struggle, you remain in poise.

Oh! When I fall, you seem to float,
When I soar, you don't gloat.

Your silence kills me,
Your serenity baffles me.

Is it wisdom, or is it just a coincidence,
Is it willful abstinence,
Is it carefree avoidance?

There is such a mist,
There is such a small twist.

Come my love,
Tell me what it is.
Give me reason.

How can such asymmetry exist?
How can such chaos be?
How long can I hold on to disbelief?

The more I see, it makes no sense.
The less I think, the more it feels good.

Take me on a ride,
And prove me wrong.
Give your ideas to me,
Sing me a new song.

The streets smell of mirth,
The lanes reek of old earth.
Oh! I feel so lost!
So numb out of no frost.