Friday, April 8, 2011

The road to Salua

How miserable the journey was, don't ask me!
How lonely the road turned out to be, don't ask me.
But still I went, every other day.

I sped my cycle away from all that killed me,
I made my way through all that held me back,
Why I went, don't ask me!

The only place where I could run to,
The only solace that I could get,
I know why you didn't ask me.

No legs were more quick,
No soul more enchanted,
No mind more puzzled,
Not that I expect you to ask.

When I left the premises,
May be I was in pain,
By the time I reached the crossing,
I knew to ask of you, was in vain.

How often I took the right turn,
Surprises me even today.
When everything lay to the left,
To Salua still I went.

Some days in the morning,
I would cycle my way there.
Often in the deserted afternoons,
I would lose myself to Salua.

The road went straight,
Went a little up, a little down,
Took some bends,
To somewhere it went,
But I halted at Salua.

Small shops thronged
the village roads,
Lots of cycles were parked
At the small clinic.

I went as far knowing
I had to come back.
I went the distance knowing
It doesn't end.

The road went on,
But my journey ended at Salua,
The road still goes,
But I miss the way to Salua.