Sunday, September 18, 2011

Less is beautiful

Drops of water,
On my head. 
Only one glance,
And she left.

Lane was pitch dark,
But the neon light.
There was total silence,
But she hummed something.

Sky was black,
One errant white thing.
There was laughter,
And the grim photo on the wall, hinged.

The dishes were full,
The glasses to the brim,
Something was vacuous,
There was emptiness.

The air was chilled,
Her voice was warm.
I just kept looking at the fire,
And nothing she said.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My love

It was never really alien to me,
That I loved you.
Only in moments of the evil hours,
Have I questioned your love.

You never halt, my love,
Such is your vitality.

Some stupid make the only valiant attempt
To outwit you.
And they only achieve to match you, my love.

I salute your divine grace,
Your directionality and focus.
And how you fool me, my love.
I am only a mortal, and to perceive you
Is such a struggle beyond the mundane battle
In the evolutionary ground.

It must be difficult being you,
To witness all and still not be a part of any.
Such is your universality,
That I surrender to you, my love.

It is beyond my capacity
To express my adoration towards you.
You are overwhelmingly simple
And true.

Nothing would make sense without you,
Sense is there, because of you.
The world revolves with you.
You run the universe or do you?

Entropy seems to follow you
And my love, who don't?
I shall perish soon and so will so many,
And yet you carry all of us with you,
You try to give a meaning to this existence,
Such is your love.

You are my prophet,
You are my true love.

Synchronous to the subtle movements
Of those man-made gears,
I breathe my respect to you.

The final hour

I might have just done wrong enough,
Wrong enough not to survive the storm tonight.
I might love you and survive tonight.
But your love will still kill me one day.

I might be wrong,
I have never been far from it.
I have tried to be right,
Only to fail miserably more so.

I might rejoice tonight.
In the acceptance of my follies,
I feel proud and sick.
There is a vague satisfaction.

Nothing has made sense yet,
I have gone through all of it.
Only to see how badly we fail,
How badly we lose against the conspiracy,
The conspiracy of life.

There is no regret,
But to submit to an evolutionary defeat,
And God's will reigns supreme.

Like an emperor of the mind,
I declare the sovereignty of love will assure peace,
And the ruling of the reason will ensure prosperity,
And faith will create happiness.
And still nothing will really pass the final test.
Everything will dissolve in the universal solvent.
And don't ask me what it is.

I would like to believe it's ether.

I guess this solvent is time.
It is this beautiful seductress
Whom nobody can renounce.
No soul has the audacity to steer itself away
From the clasp of time.
Only in miraculous moments in life,
Does time freeze and enjoy them my friend.
And I assure you have lived if you have.
You cannot live more, if you have.

I might not have done justice to my moments in life,
But you don't run away from them.
Let them sink and drown yourself with them.
And wait for the final hour.
The bell shall toll and He will come.

Monday, September 5, 2011


There is a disturbing silence,
There is some ecstatic smoke.
The air is reeking of burnt carbon,
And there is diffused enlightenment
Trying to fight the growing darkness.

The lamp-light is blinding and merciless,
The fan blades are rotating ominously,
The compressor is sweating out,
Collective intelligence lies scattered,
Shelved, or subdued.

Reasons are keeping me awake,
Substances trying to comfort me,
Memories are suffocating,
I am battling to get rid of life until
There is light again in this world.

The pleasure centers of my brain,
Have stopped fooling me.
Love and devotion are miraculously emanating
From the unburnt cells of my body.

There is not much of a struggle left now,
The end seems near.
Not a light year to cross,
Before she comes and kisses me.