Monday, September 5, 2011


There is a disturbing silence,
There is some ecstatic smoke.
The air is reeking of burnt carbon,
And there is diffused enlightenment
Trying to fight the growing darkness.

The lamp-light is blinding and merciless,
The fan blades are rotating ominously,
The compressor is sweating out,
Collective intelligence lies scattered,
Shelved, or subdued.

Reasons are keeping me awake,
Substances trying to comfort me,
Memories are suffocating,
I am battling to get rid of life until
There is light again in this world.

The pleasure centers of my brain,
Have stopped fooling me.
Love and devotion are miraculously emanating
From the unburnt cells of my body.

There is not much of a struggle left now,
The end seems near.
Not a light year to cross,
Before she comes and kisses me.

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