Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Of feelings

I slept late,
I slept so late that day.
I woke up nervous,
So nervous the next morning.

I had abandoned logic
And gave myself a chance.
A chance to decipher the confusion,
To give feelings a chance.

I had planned my day,
My body was nimble,
My mind not perturbed any more,
Long had I waited to do the simple.

I put myself up in a cosy room,
I let my impulses bloom.
I took a walk around,
It was cloudy and pleasant.

The show was set,
The clock was ticking away,
Life loomed large on me,
Life was looking at me.
I did not look back.

All I did was to take risk again,
This time I only used my brain.
I let my feelings rest,
I did not stir my impulses in vain.
I knew the hour had come.

Nobody would know how it felt,
Only God knows, what I meant.
Only God knows, how I dealt.

I did the unthinkable
And let my feelings aside.
I broke the laws and smiled inside.
Of feelings? I rose to be a man.

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  1. i would luv to read this blog...every night n sleep!!