Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Of feelings

I slept late,
I slept so late that day.
I woke up nervous,
So nervous the next morning.

I had abandoned logic
And gave myself a chance.
A chance to decipher the confusion,
To give feelings a chance.

I had planned my day,
My body was nimble,
My mind not perturbed any more,
Long had I waited to do the simple.

I put myself up in a cosy room,
I let my impulses bloom.
I took a walk around,
It was cloudy and pleasant.

The show was set,
The clock was ticking away,
Life loomed large on me,
Life was looking at me.
I did not look back.

All I did was to take risk again,
This time I only used my brain.
I let my feelings rest,
I did not stir my impulses in vain.
I knew the hour had come.

Nobody would know how it felt,
Only God knows, what I meant.
Only God knows, how I dealt.

I did the unthinkable
And let my feelings aside.
I broke the laws and smiled inside.
Of feelings? I rose to be a man.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Mind

I react because of compulsions,
Of compulsions that are not even mine.
I retort with conviction,
With convictions that are hardly mine.

I believe in substances,
Substances of existence,
Circumstances are hardly mine.

Time is within me,
Stored, ingrained since history began,
And what it makes me do,
Is the responsibility mine?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some unusual Monday mornings

The bus dropped me near the garage,
The road took a curious little turn,
Few shops stood innocently as we rushed past.
We were late.

The road was muddy,
The sky was brilliant,
I hardly had the time to look at others,
I was late.

The train would come any moment,
The platform was still far off,
The morning was so pure,
I had hardly noticed.

I loved the breeze,
I did not halt to enjoy it all,
Was I really so late?
I had to catch the train.

The stairs were steep,
Legs were young,
Eyes were old,
I simply moved on.

The cycles were parked near the counter,
The morning was getting busy,
Cunning faces were talking,
Smiling faces were lying.

I had a bag on my shoulders,
They carried parts of me,
I was in time to catch the train,
May be the train was late.

There was some rush outside,
There was some inside,
The train made it before eight,
To board it was a fight.

There was a nice smell coming from somewhere,
Or may be it was just me,
It was familiar yet distant,
It was too precious to be savored.

I boarded the train,
Left my bag on the bunk above,
Came back to the doorway,
Lost myself amidst the greenery.

They made such false promises,
Hurts today to feel them again,
Yet, I loved to look,
I know I could not refrain.