Thursday, May 26, 2011

Long roads, short journeys

I was running fast,
They were catching up.
I was trying hard,
They were running faster.

The road was tough,
I fell down,
They went past,
It felt good to sit down.

I rested for days,
I slept my nights.
And they were running back past me,
I was sick.

I recovered soon,
They had left.
My dreams broke,
To a lot of pleasure.

My wishes were fulfilled,
My senses soothed.
My heart frozen,
My mind parched.

I plunged into the water,
It did not remove the stain.
I did so every day,
It made me insane.

I burnt my shadow,
I sold it off.
I saw them running again,
I had a laugh.

I went to the narrow street,
Had my cup of tea.
I did what keep things going,
I waited for none.

Then again, I sat back,
Just felt good,
Felt so good,
Wished I died right then.

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