Saturday, May 14, 2011


She was looking at me,
I lighted my cigarette.
She lighted one herself,
I looked away.

She had nice hair,
I looked back,
My cigarette was burning ash,
My head was aching.

She puffed away,
Moved her hand over her hair.
I looked at the reflections on the water,
Everything seemed gloomy.

I saw her image on the water,
It told me everything,
I did not want to know.
I took a puff again.

Her eyes had those colors,
That makes me blind.
But the smoke numbed my senses,
I enjoyed the disaffection.

I looked at her again,
She looked away.
I saw the smoke,
It blurred the background.

I could only see her now,
I breathed again,
The sky was hazy,
The moon was trying to hide behind the clouds.

She looked back at me,
I smoked the last puff.
I saw her reflections going away,
The water, disturbed.

I saw through the smoke,
I looked beyond her,
The backdrop was clear,
She was fading.

My thoughts faded away,
I lighted another cigarette.


  1. Totally ban gaya hai bhai tu

  2. And she vanishes in thin air,everytime

  3. sahi likha hai mojo.. nice one..

  4. beriya beriya! , thank u thank u