Thursday, May 26, 2011

What killed me

She did not say a lot,
I just listened to her silence.
She sat beside me,
I had my breakfast.

I liked her eyes,
I liked her specs.
She was not looking,
I was not looking.

We went out to Migros,
She did not have anything.
I felt like not eating,
I looked at her.

We were walking together,
They were all behind us.
She asked something,
I do not know what I said.

I asked her something,
I know she said a lot.
She knew what I asked,
I knew what she said.

I felt like holding her hand,
Everything seemed nice.
It was a sunny day,
She was looking bright.

We knew the clock was ticking away,
We were still looking away.
They were saying something,
She was talking to me.

I do not know why it killed me,
But I know that it killed me.
We went upstairs,
There were things yet to be done.

She looked at me,
I smiled back.
She wanted to say something,
I liked the silence.

She was leaving early,
I saw her going.
She stopped by,
It killed me.

There was something,
That cannot be explained.
There were those things,
That you do not explain.

Her voice remained like a sweet fragrance,
Her eyes reminded me of things, I have lost.
Her hair left behind a lot of questions,
She went away.

I was in the streets again;
I killed her in my mind.
She came back again,
But killed me this time.

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