Monday, February 21, 2011

The way you made me feel

Not until I was with you,
I didn't know how I alone I was.

Not until I slept in your arms,
I never knew how alone I am.

When you held my hands,
I realized that you mean nothing.
When you turned towards me,
I felt I was not looking at you.

To live without you,
Always felt so difficult,
But to live with you,
It made me feel truly serene.

Often when I had walked alone,
Made me miss you in every step.
When I walk with you today,
It makes me miss myself even more.

That I missed you made me bitter,
That I miss myself, makes me sad.
I started my journey to discover you,
And in the end I lost myself.

But now, I know my way back,
As you breathe every moment,
I retrace my steps,
To where I stood long ago.

That it will end one day,
Seems no reason to die today.
That it will all be well one day,
Seems no reason to not fight today.

The only truth is that you lied,
That I lied, that we lie everyday.
The only hope is that
I may speak the truth some day.

All the while, I cried,
For I thought I was wrong.
All the while, I tried,
And did not care to sing my song.

It is late when I have begun,
It is too late for things to be undone.
But, sometimes, I smell a change that lurks at a distance,
I can someday crossover to the other side.

I do not care to shed a drop
of tear or blood or sweat,
I am not a war-hero,

I do not want glory.

There was chaos to start with,
But today I shall choose peace.
There was a will to fight with,
But I shall today fall asleep.

When the morning rays fall on my eyes,
Or the door bell rings,
May be I would wake up and live again,
But may be someday, I will win the bargain.


  1. OMG !! That was amazing!
    Can I be absolutely sure that this was written by you? :P
    Of course that cloud of doubt is coming from sheer jealousy :)
    Great Olive! Love it