Monday, February 14, 2011

A geek's story : Valentine's Day

Like every other day,
I wake up in dismay,
And feel good when it is not
The Valentine's Day.

Sometimes I sleep well,
Dream the end of this dreaded spell,
But not when it is
The Valentine's Day.

I can't stand to wait,
And not but curse my fate.

Just feel down and irate, 
With eyes a little wet,
Every year on this date.

Out there, I see
A happy bunch making merry.
Everywhere, I look in disdain,

But none for me, as ever again.

I try to look away,
But still to Lord I pray,
When will be I on the foray?
How long like this will I stay?

Everything seems a waste,
I live alone in detest.
How insensitive, I wish to protest!

That you regale while
I survive this cruel life's test.
I sulk my own way
Every Valentine's Day.

I live better,
I am on facebook and twitter

On other days, but what on
The Valentine's Day?

May be, I have my own quirks,
And I have my own twists,
But still with my girl,

I want to make a tryst.

Not any other day, 

I sulk much of being serene.
It just gets on my nerve,
With the Valentine's verve!

May be, I will too,
One day be two.
And go out with my babey,

On some other day!


  1. Nice post...I really enjoyed the title !!

  2. As all the people said i would say the same about the tittle....very nyc full poetic:) ab itna valentines day ko serious mat lo yaar....every day is a valentines day if u r in love

  3. chill guys and specially himani, its not abt me :P

  4. reaction er option er golmaal..