Thursday, February 10, 2011

It is strange

It is strange
That I have changed.

It is strange
That things have changed.

When I walk today,
I can see a new way.
When I think of it,
I know how different it was that day.

I feel the change,
Do you feel the same?
How I thought of things and me, 
How they shaped up to be!

I don't feel the way I did,
Not that today I am any less livid. 
I feel a change,
It is so strange.

Not a reason that I see
Why this is what it ought to be!
How I had lived a false hope,
Now I look away through my telescope.

How I thought I would die,
How I learnt up to lie.
I want to laugh now,
I know to live now.

Everything makes sense,
Shattered are the chains,
That tied me so long,
And now to no one I belong.

I know how you feel,
I know why they kill,
I know the reasons,
I know what imprisons.

Things are strange,
It is better that they change!

What is so bright today,
Is so dead another day.
I feel the change,
It's so strange.


  1. Hey Olive !! read all your poems today ..awesome :)
    I knew you would change one day cannot live in the World you were living ...Delusions cannot last forever :P

  2. @Avantika, none of my delusions have changed, they have only got stronger to the extent that they have become beliefs :D

  3. psycho u are super talented :)
    keep up the good work.

  4. touching....every day if v look back things seem to b changed....
    luv it:)kip it up...