Saturday, October 23, 2010

Animal Farm 2.0

Note: I, here does not refer to me. Initially, I thought people would be smart enough to realize that. But, I need to clarify here that I, here refers to some figment of my personality which coincides a lot with yours, Xs, Ys and Zs of the world.

Most of the time I feel lonely. But sometimes I am more lonely, like today. I don't feel bad about it. It is just that we have come to believe being lonely is a poor idea. The very expression on my face often transmits my lack of affection for conformists of these sorts. Anyway, I had lunch and was wandering around my house. It is a nice place, that I currently live in. Lot of people move around too. I don't feel alone.

People who are more lonely are advised to find company. It is generally felt that the company of the opposite sex rocks. Incidentally it does mostly. A couple of weeks back, I was talking to a friend of mine. She told me that loneliness is completely curable. There are counselors who can actually solve it for the social outcasts like me. She explained to me in details of what all that can be done. Her arguments were perfectly rational and within the boundaries of social norms. She told how a counselor can guide you to the kind of people you would like to be with. I guess that's what civilization is all about. But, if I am counseled by someone, the first thing I'll do is run away from such people at first sight. Please, don't ruin my serenity. I like animals more these days. They are simpler. I don't mean to say that I fantasize about them.Some people have pets in their houses. I guess that I understand them better now, not that I completely empathize with them. For example, a couple with no children. One would often find such couples having big, small, spotted, ferocious, adorable, different kinds of dogs, cats, etc. It makes sense to me.

My serenity here, in my apartment is often intruded upon by the dogs barking outside. There are quite a few pet dogs. Also, a few stray dogs wander in the alleys of this locality. I moved out of my room to smoke for a while. I observed something interesting, which inspired me to put these feelings which I nurture in my mind, to visibility.

I saw a small white creature(dog) trying to get out of the first floor balcony with all its might. It seemed it was dying to get free. My eyes then fell on a big black old dog which was growling and howling from inside the iron gates at the ground floor of the small house on the opposite side of the lane. It was startling and moving to see the two, trying hard to break the shackles, imposed upon them by civil society. They are not civilized like us, they want to live like animals would want to. What was interesting was how they wanted just not to break free but it seemed they wanted to run towards each other with a lot to say. Eventually the two got exhausted and their moans subsided and died down with time. May be they try it everyday, may be, every fortnight. But they try to break free when they can.

I also intruded upon their privacy. I captured them with my phone camera. But, then we are all animals.


  1. animals r nt selfish we human beings are...

  2. Boredom leads people to do so many things like write this article ....profound thoughts of seeing two dogs who wanted nothing but to bark and fight with each other for sometime because that's what they do :P