Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Myopic without Specs

I often walk in the city roads
Not that often do I think of you.
Not that it doesn't matter any more.

When I cross over to the other side,
Often I do not see the car coming,
Not that I do not hear them honk.

Sometimes,I see them looking at me,
Often I stare,
Not that I always want to.

When I start to stroll, 
I have a heavy head,
When I am done,
Not always I go to bed.
I like the birds; the concretes,
where they rest.
I like the grass; the pavement,
where they extend.

When, sometimes I think
while I walk, I snicker,
Not that I am always bitter.

Every other day, I walk 
the same road again,
Every other day, I think
of you in vain.


  1. Superlike...!!! ur wasting ur time in ZS... :D

  2. I know this literary talent right from our school days and pretty sure there's even better articles to be composed by this maestro. Good one, but I personally something even far better than this !!

  3. Hope this motivates me to write more often, thanks guys.

  4. deep thoughts involved in it n evolving more day by day:D