Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Love, No Sex and a Little Dhoka

The content of the blog is a little personal, however, time has shifted enough in a direction that it can be put in a blog. This is not an attempt to eradicate my image of a pessimistic realist, I ll always be one. However, this is more of what can happen to you, if you can shed your fears and pretensions, as it happened to me once.

I once wrote a letter to someone, not in mail, but a handwritten one, which I happened to come across today, as I was packing my things. I felt, I should keep it safe in somewhere, which will not get misplaced as easily as a piece of paper can, over a period of time. Not that it always does.

For the many mails and letters and etc, that men have written to women, not all have got unanswered. Even this one, I wrote, got a fitting response. As far as the title of the post goes, it has got little to do with the content. I think that is the convention now a days. I just tried to play smart like them. The letter is unchanged as what I had written that day, to preserve what it does hold in it.

I am X, she is Y.


I woke up early today in the morning. I was feeling different from the other mornings. I realised a sense of longing towards you. I fight with myself to remain a man of zero expectations. But, couldn't today. It has been a wonderful experience to interact with you, especially over the last two days. I think you have provoked my imagination. I love the state of my mind. I love the feeling that I have experienced because of you. Keeping in mind of everything, I want to dream again after years. I'll miss you after you leave this place. I like to write. However, I am writing after five years. I spoke about what I expect of someone, whom I love yesterday. I want her to understand, appreciate, inspire and love me.I dont know whether you understand me, or appreciate me or love me. But the fact that I am writing today is a miracle for me. You have inspired me. Dreams have not ended well for me, mostly. But, several times in my life, I have dreamt about something or the other. However, time has taught me to suppress my dreams. Today I want to express my emotions.
Should I dream?
Your music, which I hear in my heart, will linger for a long time even if it's heard no more. But, I really wish to prolong this feeling and the sense of beauty of the dream I'm seeing with you.
What do you think about us, ie you and me?


The fitting response, that followed however was complex for me to understand at that point of time. I shall not make fun in this blog. So keeping in mind of the tempo of the blog, I wish to say that I do understand it better at this date.


We always believe that life is fair
No Matter how unfair we are -

Let me Believe that once again
& wish that it gives me
at least one more chance
to think, to ponder & still
after all that ......... follow
Our Instincts -

It was gr8 being with you. Hope to c ya soon.

Be yourself and get over that 'laziness' of not wanting to try things.


I wish to conclude by typing down a quote by Nietzsche and I'm not paraphrasing.

"The demand to be loved is the greatest of all arrogant presumptions."


  1. very uncharacteristic... yet characteristic of u :P

  2. dhoka in love is just like the scent of a incense sticks.....keeps lingering for a long time...similar was my feeling just after reading this post....

  3. @those, who were searching for the dhoka part, complained it is missing: love is a little dhoka :P

  4. abey apni personal ki ***** kyun kar raha hai be:p letter to mast hai bole to dil ki baat matlab bandi ne ghuma dia tere ko LOL....uska reply to dekho kya diplomatic hai :D