Tuesday, September 28, 2010


1. Not that whenever I stood outside the door and knocked, did it open.

2. Richest is he who needs the least!

3. What can't be cured must not always be endured!

4. There is a lot of hatred in the world, so is there a lot of love, and both have their reasons.

5. If history repeats itself and the expected always happens, how incapable must Man be to do something beyond the expected and not follow blindly the experience of their forefathers.

6. Very much like life, the few people and reasons what make living worth, is like Aamir khan making it worth to watch hindi movies.

7. Time is best spent wasted.

8. I have a religion and the name of the prophet is Seinfeld.

9. Even Shah Jahan had a harem.

10. Life is Hard and You Will Die, Get Over It.

11. Random calculations which no one can verify in practice, are not thrown away these days, they are kept safe in journals( read published).

12. If I had been tad fairer, and an origin to trace to the saxons,goths, vikings, may be, they would have loved me and came over to me .

13. It is a dream that philosophy, sorry, beer will set us free.

14.When people move up the stairs, how far are they above the ground?
Anonymous said: Only one fall up.

15. "The light dove, piercing in her easy flight the air and perceiving its resistance, imagines that flight would be easier still in empty space."

16.Working in an off-shoring MNC is like being an orphan.

17. Prejudice is the perverted expression of supressed desires.

18. What is not clear, is not exact.

19. The easiest to tame are those in want of something.

20. A conclusion is the stage where you got tired of thinking.

21. Only If I had batteries to sustain my desires

22. Love and Religion are for poor people.

23. "These people abstain, it is true: but the bitch Sensuality glares enviously out of all they do".

24. When every logic starts with an assumption, why do we argue?

25. There was a lull, and then there was Seinfeld.

26. "Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company."

27. The world without Lights would have been heavier.

28. Beggars may not be choosers but their power lies in that they have nothing left to lose.

29. Often it is not too late to try differently.

30. Once the why is known, the how is easier.

31. Know the Why, learn the how, find the Who,Do it while, there is still When!

32. If f(x) does not map to y, will you change f, x or y?

33. Rich people make news, poor people are news, the middle class reads.

34. Math is like love, a simple idea but can get complicated.

35. The only problem which I can solve all by myself is may be a mathematical problem.

36. Burn the Stick, Get a Kick. Dip the Stick, Get a High.

37. I dont like the things which make me happy.

38. There's a patch of old snow in a corner That I should have guessed Was a blow-away paper the rain Had brought to rest. It is speckled with grime as if Small print overspread it, The news of a day I've forgotten-- If I ever read it.

39. To take izzat, first give izzat.

40. Every baba has/had a babe.

41. The funniest thing in life is how individuals,groups, societies, corporations,nations justify their activities.

42. Even if there is no God, entropy is good enough.

43. Rules are for those who are ready to obey them.

44. Any assumption suitably propagated is a truth.

45. Lack of choice is what being poor is all about.

46. I am not trying to divert my attention from reality by taking cocaine or falling in love.

47. How to devastate something/someone if you dont have ammunitions, fall in love, rest will follow!

48. The irrationalities of the human mind are best expressed in love and religion.

49. I looked outside with the light of my eyes, but when the light is no more, today I shall look inside.

50. I go out, take a puff and look into eternity; evrything dissolves in the smoke, my vision gets blurred and my senses get numb, my eyes get dry and my limbs feel the ground.

51. Most technologies are simple, it is made hi-fi by advertising that you can't make it.

52. Where pornography is banned, mathematics comes as the second best alternative.

53. I took pain to discover myself, all the while I regretted for the pain until I woke up one day to feel the bliss of eternity.

54. The more I live, the less I want to live on.

55. Happiness is not an ideal of reason, but of imagination.

56. Even your shit is a part of you.

57. Life is a bad joke.

58. Thinking is a bad habit.

59. Hopes tomorrow gets over fine.

60. We decide when we want to learn/acknowledge/accept something, otherwise it is always there.

61. "As above, so below, As within, so without. "

62. Everything starts with belief and ends with disbelief!

63. There may be no God, but entropy is good enough.

64. If you are thinking you are having a bad time, have patience, worse is yet to come.

65. If fate means you to lose, give it a good fight anyhow.

66. Pregnant women die out of childbirth, so do virgin men.

67. The more I see, the less I understand.

68. Once I stopped dreaming to see, now I am dreaming to stop seeing.

69. He who can fool himself is clever.

70. How I missed the train and caught the boat!

71. I crossed the wonder wall when I was under the bridge!

72. Is it just a co-incidence that fuck and luck rhyme?

73. Happiness is just one puff away!

74. The value of something is more to those who don't have it!

75. Often I lie to myself, that's how I survive.

76. Love was really popular before there was internet ;)

77. Nicotine may ruin your tomorrow, but it saves your today.

78. I wanted to move up and forward, later I realised everything was there down and back.

79. My senses have got numb with time, but I can still feel your warmth.

80. I like the dimly lit night under the moon, when they hide the irregularities and blend them with the silvery illusion.

81. Our instincts are the cumulative aggregate of the intelligence of our forefathers.

82. There is a lot of love, but just that, it is fueled by a lot of lust!

83. We experience divinity in our own ways.

84. I wonder how I often dare to get sad, even when I am well aware there is nobody to console me!

85. "If you find Me not within, may be you never will..." (Rumi)

86. I had great taste in women, I am single.

87. Relationships are like potato chips now-a-days, no one can have just one.

88. I still like to believe that not everything changes with time. 

89. One needs education to really complicate things. 

90. Who needs the truth?

91. It is no longer of consequence whether you love me or not, but it is important that I get a good night's sleep.

92. I do not trust my perceptions any more, they are generally wrong being based on reasons.

93. "Reason is the most naive of all superstitions."

94. It is really baffling to acknowledge that life is a matter of chance, not of consequence.

95. Often when I have reasons to be happy, I unearth reasons to get sad. Often when I have reasons to be sad, I try to find happiness.

96. There are two ways to live. To live more or to live more every moment.

97. One of the better things that can happen to a person is his childish belief getting fulfilled.

98. If almost all of us stay hungry and foolish, only then can there be a few 'Steve Jobs's.

99. There is an abundance of irregularities at the positions where they are sensed!

100. The most difficult thing about living is to live everyday knowing very well what they will be like! 

101. It is tough to react to a situation on its merit, without letting your experiences tell you what to do. 

102. Your heaviest burden should not be your most important possession. For all practical purposes, let your most precious possession be the lightest of  all.

103. It is just as important to reminisce about your bad experiences as much as your good memories in order to make a choice, when you have to.

104. Nothing is any more or any less than what we sense it to be. 

105. We generally like 'hot' people only, but sometimes it is not too 'cool' to accept it. 

106. If power substitutes money as the right to possession, we would require no policing. 

107. Kgp is an interesting place. You learn about life a lot, even though you don't live it there much.

108. Life is a matter of chance looking into the future, and a matter of consequence looking into the past! 

109. I guess, I know now why people believe in God. You can't put your faith on anyone else other than someone who doesn't exist.


  1. If ideas could impregnate, by now Olive would have had a lot of children :)

  2. Great Olive ! Interesting and Funny ! Don't stop at 75..I know you have more ideas :)I will quote your lines to my friends for sure !

  3. BTW is there any difference between comment 42 and 63 ?

  4. 5th comment : No doubt man is.
    9th : inspiration for true lovers!
    19th : The whole world can be!
    24th : Shut up!
    38 : Not original.
    44 : The "most true" truth!
    75 : Applies to one and all but not all realise.

  5. Thanks for your generous comments...all of you make me feel this way that I come up with such ideas :D

  6. 90 and 93 r great.
    86th true :)