Thursday, July 29, 2010

I wanna be a Blogstar!

I find it difficult to write about one thing for long. It gets so boring after the first few sentences, that I generally open a third window(second one is the workspace) to vent my frustration. However, recently I have been reading blogs of people, and seeing them write, I felt that I too want to be a part of the brethren being a lonely man, myself.
I kind of relate with a German philosopher whose name I can pronounce, called Friedrich Nietzsche. Often, the intellectual (read lazy) people like qoutes of Nietzsche, because his questions can't be answered. This guy was very lonely, also sick and some say, he was ugly too. I can appreciate why he resorted to philosophy. So, anyway, this guy had said a few things which are still appealing to me. In fact, I also like to say that "It is my ambition to say in ten sentences what others say in a whole book. "
Still I have decided that I am going to write more, and put my cynical thoughts to a more structured format, though most are saved in gmail history as 'saved chats'. I find this forum equally effective. As far as content is concerned, it's always going to be congruent with my mood and situation. I am not a very generous man, but ambitious still. So, for readers, I would plead to forgive me over contradictions in ideas over blogs which I plan to write, as hypocricy is as much inside me as it is out there. I just throw it out with my words often.
I love sarcasm, but often it is not funny. Just screwing people or organisations or customs with slander remarks doesnt appear to be appealing enough to me. (unless you do it really well). One man does it. He is Jerry Seinfeld.
For us, who are not Seinfelds, let's keep our learning-sarcasm nerve centre in the brain active and not behave like we-have-seen-it-alls. Because, we haven't.
Oh yes, why talk about sarcasm? Anything else is repulsive to me. Otherwise useful information is never put up in the net for free. If any such you think is of use to you, then you are an asshole or a prodigy. I have not seen a prodigy as such, I dont write imagining they will be reading blogs. So for the rest, I guess it's going to be a journey through the tortuous alleys of my mind.


  1. good one... finally the world will benefit from your thinking :P

  2. u won't be lonely for long.. come to gurgaon and then u both will be together forever again :)

  3. can blogging be a substitute to walking? :P
    wish u well.

  4. this write up made me speechless...people be ready, fasten ur seat belts coz sum1z gonna make u role ur mind!!!