Sunday, February 12, 2012


When there are flowers,
There is fragrance,
But when they die,
There is no smell, but memory.

When there are memories,
There is recollection,
But when you forget,
There is no pain, but bitterness.

When there is bitterness,
There is retrospection,
But when you don't think anymore,
There is no feeling, but void.

When there is void,
There is desperation,
But when you are not restless anymore,
There is no passion, but tragedy.

When there is tragedy,
There is no aspiration,
But when you don't wish,
There is no life, but evilness.


  1. very well written oliva!!

    and for a change, its a small poem :P

  2. Oracle, how do you conceptualize evilness in a aspiration-less tragedy is beyond me and contrary to my belief? Please illuminate me.

  3. @Anonymous, when there is no life, whatever that is left is in a way, evil, otherwise why do we burn it away or keep it underground!
    On a serious note, nothing is absolute, it is my take on nothingness, I think it is evil as it is anti to my existence. Relative to the universe, I do not know enough to comment.