Monday, November 7, 2011

A fundamental dilemma

The door opens to an island of treasure.
The treasures cater to the satisfaction of the herd.
The herd forgets even that the door was once closed. 

The door gets closed now.
The herd can't see the darkness anymore.
The dazzle blinds them too!

The attachment keeps me engrossed,
The detachment keeps me informed.
The ties make me delighted,
The serenity makes me immortal.

The crowd is busy.
The lonely is experiencing the continuum.
The deserted can hear the silence,
The occupied is bound to only crave for more.

The fundamental dilemma is between pleasure and bliss.
A relationship with the continuum or a spike in existence?

At ease with the Brahman or at ease with yourself ? 
Happy with the limits or unsatisfied with the burden of the unlimited ?
May be, organic involvement or may be detachment of the soul ?
Causality of the inevitable ? What about that ?

If the choice is already made, what a lame task to understand it !
What a lame opportunity to exist, what a sham to put up with it.
Knowing well that the choices are illusions, 
One leading faster to the source than the other!


  1. loads n loads of things i cn relate to it.....while reading this 1 my mind was reading me:):) vice versa

  2. too much philosophy :P

    -Tushar (since the choice was already made, no need to login :D)

  3. :D :D its all timepass, like talking on phone, blogging is another way :D.